Standing on the threshold of its most exciting phase, the Sathio Group is evolving into what promises to be its most successful era yet.

With a diverse portfolio featuring opulent residences and cutting-edge retail developments, Sathio Group upholds a longstanding commitment to quality. Recognised as multi-award-winners for both design and construction, we continue to look toward a future where excellence knows no bounds.

Our founder  


Since establishing his first real estate development company in 1990, Paul Sathio has been a visionary force in Australia’s luxury property sector. Renowned for his detailed craftsmanship and pioneering designs, Paul’s ‘hands-on’ approach has led him to oversee all project elements throughout his career. With an exceptional eye for detail and quality, he thrives on sketching concept designs, creating sales and marketing strategies and even working on construction sites.

As Paul guides Sathio Group into new ventures, his bold visions have created a legacy to be proud of and his leadership inspires a future of sustainable and impactful development.



Chief operating officer

Ronald Sathio is COO at Sathio Group, managing the company’s high-profile projects across Sydney, and playing a pivotal role in the firm’s development and finance strategies.

His forward-thinking vision ensures projects align with the needs of modern buyers, building Sathio Group’s reputation as a leader in sustainable and intelligent urban development.



Head of Sales and Marketing

Norman Sathio oversees asset management and sales at Sathio Group, leveraging his foundational experience across construction and development to meet the sophisticated needs of contemporary buyers.

Navigating real estate complexities with proficiency, Norman’s passion for architecture ensures properties are aligned with modern living aspirations.


Sathio Group’s collaborative leadership transcends individual roles, creating a dynamic synergy that is the hallmark of our success.

From the inception of designs to the oversight of construction sites, the leadership team ensures a holistic and hands-on approach at every stage. This unity of purpose not only sustains the company’s reputation for delivering standout developments but also cultivates a culture of forward-thinking innovation, and is emblematic of Sathio Group’s approach: exceptional developments that redefine the way we live.


Our achievements stand as a testament to a legacy built on innovation, quality, and transformative urban development. We’re exceedingly proud of our milestones and our the journey of constant improvement that is embodied in every project we undertake.