About us

Ronald Sathio, COO at Sathio Group, brings a dedicated 15-year tenure in real estate to overseeing the company's projects.

His leadership has steered numerous high-profile developments in Sydney, reflecting a deep understanding of the intersection between innovative design and practical application. His role is central to the firm, orchestrating complex development and financial strategies that have become the hallmark of the Group’s success.

In the dynamic landscape of Sydney’s real estate, Ronald has been pivotal in crafting residential, retail, and industrial spaces that exceed expectations. His hands-on approach ensures that each project not only meets the highest standards of quality and design but also aligns with the evolving needs of modern buyers. It is his forward-thinking vision that has guided Sathio Group’s developments to become celebrated fixtures in the urban fabric.

As a key strategist in both development and finance, Ronald’s expertise is integral to the company’s growth. His comprehensive understanding of the market, paired with his ability to anticipate future trends, positions Sathio Group at the forefront of creating sustainable and intelligent spaces. With Ronald’s guidance, the Group is poised to continue its legacy of delivering exceptional developments that shape the way we live and work.