About us

Paul Sathio, the founder and driving force behind Sathio Group, has been a transformative figure in Australia's real estate industry for decades.

With a Degree in Civil Engineering from Sydney’s University of Technology and a Master’s in Engineering Science from the University of New South Wales, Paul’s academic foundation laid the groundwork for his career.

His beginnings in bridge construction gave him a solid grasp of complex engineering challenges, which he translated into the realm of property development when he established his own company in 1990, beginning with a 15-villa residential development in Sydney suburb, Ryde.

In the 33 years since, Paul hasn’t wavered from his ‘hands-on’ philosophy. He has played an integral role in every facet of the property development journey, from sketching initial designs to overseeing construction sites. This approach has not only ensured meticulous attention to detail, but has also imbued Sathio Group with a spirit of innovation and a commitment to excellence. Under his stewardship, the company has delivered a series of standout developments, earning a reputation for creating spaces that are as functional as they are architecturally significant.

Today, Paul Sathio’s name is synonymous with luxury real estate developments that have shaped Sydney’s landscape. His commitment to realising bold visions has cemented Sathio Group’s status as a creator of legacies, with each project contributing to the city’s growth and dynamism. As he guides the company into new ventures, his leadership continues to inspire a future of sustainable and impactful development, securing Sathio Group’s place at the forefront of Australia’s property industry.