Sathio Group is one of Australia’s leading real estate, construction, and development companies, responsible for developing some of Australia’s most iconic landmarks.

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Key landmark properties

Our commitment has always been to transcend the conventional, merging luxury with practicality to create spaces that redefine the status quo. Each structure in our portfolio isn’t just built; it’s carefully crafted to stand as an integral part of the city’s vibrant landscape and curate the perfect experience for its community.

Now, we embark on a bold new journey, one that builds upon our storied past and looks to a future brimming with possibility. With every project, we aim to innovate, not just in scale but in sustainability and smart design. We envision a future that continues to inspire and shape the way we live, work, and connect.

Iconic developments

From the creation of new urban communities to the development of luxury apartments and elegant retail precincts, our buildings are driven by innovation and excellence. Discover our iconic developments shaping Sydney’s skyline.

About us

Founded by globally renowned property developer, Paul Sathio, Sathio Group is the iconic name behind some of Australia’s most awarded developments. From mixed use landmarks to ambitious retail and residential offerings, we continue to inspire and evolve with new projects in Australia and abroad.


As Australia’s premier real estate, construction, and development firm, we take pride in our legacy of iconic landmarks that grace the nation’s skyline.

Our reputation is forged from unwavering trust and unparalleled excellence, a recognition we’ve earned on the global stage. From Sydney’s landmark residential towers to state-of-the-art corporate offices, our developments showcase our passion for setting benchmarks in the industry.